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The Penon de flat near Calpe

Distance from accommodation: approx. 40km, approx. 35 minutes by car

Penon de Flach bei Calpe Villa Finca Costa Blanca

A mountain around 330 meters high and 50,000 square meters, the Peñon de Ifach, is the famous landmark of the Costa Blanca. With the highest rock face in the entire Mediterranean area, it extends about a kilometer into the sea and thus separates the main beaches of Calpe, Levante and Arenal-Bol from each other. 

State-owned since 1987  and since then the "smallest" nature reserve in Europe. Nevertheless, it attracts around 100,000 visitors annually. A great variety of flora and fauna with over 400 species can be admired in the "Aula de la Naturaleza". Many migratory and nesting birds have found a home here, including the peregrine falcon. A discovery tour is a must for every nature lover! 

The view over the coast and the Mediterranean Sea is phenomenal when the weather is nice and clear, so that the strenuous climb is worth it. A hike to the summit takes around 1.5 to 2 hours. 

The path is not that easy and initially leads over a serpentine path. We continue through a tunnel built in 1918 and then up a fairly steep ascent, which is lined with ropes to hold on to. After that there are 2 paths to go on. One leads to a lookout point used by the former border guards. If you are in a particularly good condition and fit, you can take the second path that leads to the summit. Good footwear is an ABSOLUTE must here!

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