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Real estate marketing


Our services

for sellers, buyers, landlords, tenants

and everyone who wants to become one ...


  • Market price estimates

  • Creation and implementation of marketing concepts for sales and rental properties

  • Sale and brokerage of used houses / residential / commercial and investment properties

  • Rental of houses / residential / commercial and investment properties

  • Permanent management of rental properties

  • Short-term and time-limited management of rental properties

  • Demand and target group-oriented sales analysis in advance of the implementation of property development measures

  • Marketing of new construction measures

  • Development of alternative usage concepts for existing residential and commercial properties and properties

  • Consideration and individualization of existing financing offers

  • Independent evaluation of existing real estate offers in the form of purchase-related support


The value of a property does not only consist of the current value of the building and the guideline value for the property!


We take care of the personal optimization of your real estate!


We are happy  on your request


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