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Celebrations / fiestas

... we can learn to celebrate from the Spanish


On the Costa Blanca there are festivals, so-called fiestas, all year round.

The "fiestas" are as much a part of Spanish life as the sun and the sea. Every place has its own, some of which have religious but often also secular backgrounds. Whether patron saint, carnival or expulsion of the Moors ...,

People on the Costa Blanca always find a reason to party through the night and turn night into day with music and dance.

Not to forget the culinary delicacies, of which there are countless to be tried there.

In short, each of these fiestas is unique and worthwhile to have been there.  


Fiestas in the area

You can get a very good overview of the most important fiestas in the area at

So that you don't have to search long, we have linked the following information page for you.


Here are three more Fiesta tips:


The Fallas are a Spanish spring festival that takes place every year in Valencia and in numerous places in the Comunidad Valenciana from March 15th to 19th . The main attraction are sculptures as high as a house made of paper mache and other flammable materials, which are ceremoniously lit on the last day of the festival. They are also called Fallas and have given the festival its name.

Moros y Cristianos

The dramaturgy of the fiestas consists in the conquest of a city by the Moors and their reconquest by the Christians. The participants of the fiestas are organized in filaes or comparsas. These groups represent Christian or Moorish troops. The performers of the Christians wear costumes based on medieval robes such as metal armor with fur trimmings and helmets. They often ride horses during the parades.

The Moors performers appear in Arab costumes with sabers and sometimes ride camels or elephants during the parades. The multi-day festivals include parades, gunfire, fireworks and medieval music. A simulated battle for a castle usually forms the climax of the fiesta, which ends with the commander of the Moors surrendering to the Christians. The fiestas take place every year in the Comunidad Alicante / Valencia in numerous locations between May and September.

Fiesta in Bunol near Valencia - La Tomatina "The Tomato Battle"  


-If you love the color red, this is the place for you-

Last but not least, a very unusual festival in Spain, which we do not want to withhold from you, as it is certainly a great spectacle.

In the meantime, the Tomatina has become a well-known event beyond the borders.

What is extraordinary about this festival?

At 11 o'clock sharp, always on the last Wednesday in August, the participants (approx. 40,000 people) throw around 100,000 tons of ripe and overripe tomatoes at each other in the Plaza del Pueblo in one hour. It is a tomato BATTLE, but a peaceful one, which is to be emphasized.

Punctually at 12 o'clock everything is over !!! 

The Spaniards celebrate the festival in honor of the city's patron, San Luis Bertran, of course.

Very few Spaniards are involved in the battle itself, rather tourists and curious people from all over the world.


If possible, wear older clothes and, if necessary, take spare clothes with you!


You tube video; La Tomatina

You tube video; Fallas

You tube video; Moros y Cristianos

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