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The island of Tabarca

Distance from accommodation:


Port of departure: Alicante,

approx. 90km, by car: approx. 70


Crossing duration:  50 minutes


Mon - Fri: Out: 11:15 a.m.; Back: 16: 30h

  Sat - Sun: outward: 11:00 am + 1:30 pm; Return: 5:30 p.m.

Prices: (there and back)

Adults: € 18.00            Children: € 15

more information at:  


Insel Isla Tabarca Villa Finca Costa Blanca

Departure port: Benidorm,

approx. 55km, by car: approx. 40

Crossing duration: 75 minutes 


There: 10:30 a.m.

Back: 17: 00h

Prices: (there and back)

Adult: € 27.50            Children:       € 18.00

more information at:

Excursiones Marítimas Benidorm

Tel: +34 96 585 00 52 Tel: +34 96 585 32 24


The island of Tabarca off the Spanish south coast is still an insider tip today.

The banks once offered refuge for Berber pirates. In the 18th century, Charles III ordered. from Spain to fortify the island and build a village on it, which was to be populated with Genoese fishing families who were captive in the Tunisian city of Tabarca. The walls that surround the village have been declared a historical building ensemble and a national cultural asset.

Today just 70 inhabitants live there in winter and in summer this is mainly known to the locals as an excursion destination.

All around there is nothing but sand and secluded bathing bays - the perfect contrast to the spectacle on the Costa Blanca.


The island is ideal for a day trip. A crossing is possible from Alicante (approx. 1 hour), Santa Pola (approx. 20 min.) And Benidorm (approx. 75 min.).

There are beaches with crystal clear water, secluded bays, a museum and a harbor to explore.

A walk through the small village is also not to be missed.

There is also a good selection of restaurants where you can try the island's traditional dish, the caldero (fish stew with rice).

There are also accommodation options for visitors: should you miss the last ship!

You tube video

In order to  You know what to expect

here one  Video on You tube

Tabarca Island - You tube video Duration: 8:17 min.

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