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Distance from accommodation: 63 km, about 50 minutes by car

Guadalest Villa Finca Costa Blanca
Guadalest Villa Finca Costa Blanca
Kunst Antik Villa Finca Costa Blanca

Guadalest is one of the tourist attractions on the Costa Blanca, which is certainly not due to its size - we are talking about a mountain village with only 200 inhabitants, which is picturesquely situated on a rock at 590 m above sea level and only has an entrance through the rock can be achieved. The castle is famous, a much photographed object on postcards of the Costa Blanca. From there you also have a wonderful view of the village and the valley of the same name, in which there is a reservoir. This emerald green lake looks almost unreal in the barren rocky landscape of the Sierra de Aixorta.  


The place itself offers typical tourist attractions, souvenir shops etc. which alternate in the narrow streets with the medieval houses, some of which are integrated into the rock. Here you can buy native handicrafts such as ceramics, embroidery, glasswork, etc. The place has 10 museums, of which the ethnological museum is particularly interesting. Costumes, kitchen, household and farm equipment from the 16th to 20th centuries are shown there to gain an impression of rural life.


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