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Bodega Enrique Mendoza - Alfaz del Pi, Alicante

Distance from accommodation: 58 km, approx. 40 minutes by car

Bodega Wein Villa Finca Costa Blanca

In Alfas del Pi, a few kilometers north of  Benidorm, the Mendoza family owns five hectares of vineyards, planted with Moscow plates, from which the excellent dessert wines (sweet Moscatel wines) Moscatel de la Marina and Moscatel Mendoza are made.

The majority of the vineyards (65 hectares), on the other hand, are located much further inland, close to the border with Jumilla. It is from there that the modern red wines come from, which give Mendoza a reputation as a top producer in the region and one of the best winemakers in Spain.

In addition to the white grape varieties (Moscatel and Chardonnay), the bodega also cultivates the following red varieties: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Shiraz and Pinot Noir.

All grape varieties are brought onto the market both unmixed and as a cuvée.

In total, the family business has a total of 70 hectares of its own vineyards, which are spread over two fincas. The parent company is in L'Alfàs del Pi on the Mediterranean Sea, the second in Villena inland at 550 meters above sea level. The modern, innovative wine business is managed by Enrique Mendoza's son Pepe.

"It is the motto of our father Enrique Mendoza that the best wine is not produced by a certificate hanging on the wall, but by the best vineyard. 

The use of the best viticulture technology and the development of new water resources in the country form the decisive basis for this. 

The next step is the wine refinement and for this, in addition to modern technology, only the best wood must be used for the barrel aging of Nevers, Allier, Americano Blanco Missouri, Americano Blanco Oregón, Limousin, Checheno and Ruso. 

And if all of this is taken into account, you can be sure that the whole wine philosophy will also find its way into every single bottle. "

Pepe Mendoza,  Oenologist

Bodegas Enrique Mendoza, SL
Partida El Romeral   -   E-03580 L'Alfas del Pi (Alacant), Spain
Tel. / Fax .: 0034 965 888639

The bodega attracted attention above all with the "Selección Peñon de Ifach" which immediately made it among the best wines in Spain. Shortly afterwards they landed the absolute hammer with the "Reserva Santa Rosa" which was immediately classified as one of the absolute TOP wines in Spain! So it is hardly surprising that Pepe Mendoza is one of the elite of young Spanish TOP wine makers!

Don't let the wines of this bodega out of your sight. We will certainly hear a lot from her in the future!

Information and opening times:

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