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On this page we offer Bed & Breakfast  full service for you, animal and  House, as well as real estate for rent and purchase!

Bed & Breakfast,  Service,  Services and real estate

Welcome to Bed & Breakfast Villa Finca Costa Blanca

Relax, swim in the pool or be active in the countryside - at our Bed and Breakfast  you have free space for ideas, muse for inspiration and a desire for relaxation. Let yourself be seduced. In the two bed & breakfast apartments   you will feel good.  Embedded  in a beautiful complex  the Bed & Breakfast offers the stylish ambience and personal service of a house that is personally managed.  The rooms within the Villa Finca  have the generous dimensions and the cozy atmosphere, which the guest attaches great importance to on the way.

Every room in our house is furnished individually and with care.                                                       See description of apartment 1 or 2.

Price on request. 

We warmly welcome you!

Service for you, your pet and your home

In winter, on vacation or other absences, the risk of break-ins is increased. It is therefore recommended that the house or apartment appear inhabited. The lights should be switched on and off at irregular intervals, blinds moved, mail and newspapers brought in. Such little tricks help keep burglars away.

And in winter you should also prevent the risk of losing the insurance cover of your home or household insurance if the heating system fails, because: "... the regular control of the heating during the heating season is the duty of the policyholder ...". A house inspection can also prevent line damage from endangering insurance cover due to permanently under-regulated radiators.

With our professional care concept, we make your absence in winter and on vacation worry-free, safe and comfortable.

We do not offer a resident service but individual house control! Should a break-in nevertheless occur, the police and insurance companies can be alerted immediately and without any loss of time. In the event of damage, appropriate measures can be coordinated after consultation without you having to interrupt your vacation. 

In advance: the kennel talk:  Before the order is placed, all necessary details are clarified in a non-binding discussion. Also "the chemistry has to be right", because hiring a caretaker with access to your own "four walls" requires trust. That is why getting to know each other is particularly important to us! This preparatory discussion lasts approx. 45 minutes and is of course free of charge if you subsequently place an order. 

Our range of services, e.g.

  • The introductory conversation

  • Key handover and return

  • Change & control of shutters or curtains

  • Ventilate the property

  • Control of lamps and other light sources, use of timers

  • Control of windows, doors, cellars, inside and outside

  • Mailbox emptying, post control / postal service, if necessary with notification by SMS, email, telephone. It is also possible to scan important mail.

  • Reparking cars to signal movement

  • Supply of indoor, balcony or garden plants

  • Optional: In spring / summer: mow the lawn in an unvamified manner. In autumn / winter: sweeping leaves and much more.

  • In winter: control of the heating system, power supply

The care is provided by our family business.  Housekeeping can be booked individually according to your needs, daily, several times a day or at different intervals. 

These services can be booked individually:

  • Shopping service: for a full fridge when you return on holiday

  • Craftsman coordination, home stagging, cleaning and much more.

  • Airport transfer and  Check-In (Valencia  or Alicante)

  • Cats & small animal care in the familiar home environment

  • as well as other individual requirements

Note: A service contract is concluded for housekeeping! 

Successful real estate marketing

Our services for sellers, buyers and all those who want to become one. . .

  • Market price estimates

  • Creation and implementation of marketing concepts for sales and rental properties

  • Sale and brokerage of used houses / residential / commercial and investment properties

  • Rental of houses / residential / commercial and investment properties

  • Permanent management of rental properties

  • Short-term and time-limited management of rental properties

  • Demand and target group-oriented sales analysis in advance of the implementation of property development measures

  • Marketing of new construction measures

  • Development of alternative usage concepts for existing residential and commercial properties and properties

  • Consideration and individualization of existing financing offers

  • Independent evaluation of existing real estate offers in the form of purchase-related support

The value of a property does not only consist of the current value of the building and the guideline value for the property! We ensure personal optimization when selling and buying your property 

We don't want to be everywhere, we want to be by your side and don't let you sit in the rain!

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